The heat press that never fails

In our Heat Press timelapse video above, we wanted to see how many t-shirts we could create in under 7 hours. Our goal here is to see, how you can get the most out of your heat press. How many t-shirts can you press and what that translates to in profits.

How to Create Metallic Christmas Sweaters

The metallic-look is popular for a reason. There are so many options from color to style, anyone can find their own taste. In this video you will learn how to use Forevers Hot Stamping Foils to create amazing Metallic Christmas sweaters.

Create Custom T-Shirt Designs from Words & Phrases

The continuous challenge of coming up with new and creative t-shirt designs is nothing new. The key to creating great t-shirt designs that will sell, is to research current trends and styles.

How to Create Illustration Style T-Shirt Designs

Like their close cousin the graphic tee, illustrated T-shirts have really taken off in recent years; from intricate fine line drawings to bold prints, some of the most sold designs have been the work of illustrators.

How to Create Abstract T-Shirt Designs

Good t-shirt designs are those that people want to wear. And, Abstract t-shirt designs are a versatile solution in your t-shirt designing tool kit. Think outside the box and use shapes creatively in your next t-shirt design collection.

Create Customized Font T-Shirt Designs

A simple way of creating a customized Font t-shirt design is by manipulating the fonts installed on your computer. There are thousands of fonts to choose from these days, but what about the fonts you already have? Font t-shirt designs are very popular at the moment and you should be creating them. And selling them.

Create Custom Split Font T-Shirt Designs

Custom Font t-shirt designs are very popular at the moment and you should be creating them. And selling them. Over the past year or so, we have seen an influx of customised fonts. They are becoming more popular across social media. The natural next step is to go from digital to print. Creating a range of products with custom fonts is not a bad business idea.

How to Create Photo Collage T-Shirts

Our latest video takes you through the process of creating a Photo Collage within Photoshop. If you are like me, you have too many photos sitting, hidden inside your phone. Photo Collages are a great way of shining a light on our photos. And what better way, than printing them on T-Shirts, Mugs and more.

How to Create T-Shirt Designs with Adobe Spark

If you are the type of person who is always looking for a way to create a t-shirt design with minimal effort, all while making your t-shirt designs look great, then Adobe Spark is definitely the tool for you.

Create T-Shirt Designs with your iPhone Camera

In this video, you will learn how to create t-shirt designs with your iPhone camera. Use your iPhones portrait mode with the Stage Light option.

8 Ways to Create T-Shirt Designs

Start your own t-shirt business or take your business to the next level by creating stunning t-shirt designs. T-shirt designs that customers cannot resist. Get inspired and become a pro t-shirt designer in minutes.
remove image background before and after

6 Websites to remove image background

We went in search of a way to speed up the process to remove image background. What we found will amaze you.
Printed heat transfer paper with and with no white background

How to print images with no white background

Learn how to take advantage of photoshop clipping paths, so you can print directly from photoshop with no white background.

Print Customized Wooden Easter Gifts

Create customized Easter designs and press them to Wooden Gift products. Use Multi-Trans to create some Easter gifts for family and friends. Multi-Trans is the best solution for printing images or text onto Wood.
Transfer paper for printing onto Hard surfaces such as Mugs, Glass, Wood and more

Print Custom Mugs with Multi-Trans

Multi-Trans is a high quality no weeding transfer paper for Laser & LED Printers. It’s made for printing designs on to hard, smooth surfaces, like cups, wood, metal and much more.


Print bigger images with the FOREVER only DIN A4XL paper sizes (8.5" x 17"). That's right, only FOREVER offers this larger paper size, so that you don't have to spend more on a larger sized printer.
OKI Pro8432WT White Toner Printer
OKI Pro8432WT White Toner Printer
OKI Pro920WT White Toner Density Settings

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