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  • Switch on your device.
  • Go into the Calibration Menu, select “Reg. Adjust” and confirm to correct the color registration.
  • Print a test design, preferably, with the primary colors Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black/White.

Use the side or Multi-Purpose Tray when printing Transparency.

Generally, all common file formats can be used when printing with a White Toner OKI printer on to our transfer media.


However, we recommend printing from CorelDraw. CorelDraw can import most of the popular file formats. For example, you can create and save your designs in any Adobe program or create and print directly from CorelDraw.

Printing detailed designs from Photoshop requires more effort and is only possible with high-end graphic computers.

Make sure that the Multi-Purpose Tray has been set, as the transfer media cannot work from the paper cassette. Using the outside or side tray helps avoid paper jams.

Try re-saving the file by using a different software, for example: Illustrator, Photoshop or CoralDraw.

If you are having problems printing the FOREVER Transfer Media with the OKI Pro8432WT printer, then your may have the old “CM Profiles” installed. To find out if your OKI Pro8432WT has the older “CM Profiles” installed, please download the PDF file and follow the step process.

If the background or the glue from the Multi-Trans backing paper transfers to the applications such as Wood, Glass or Metal, then reducing the pressing time prevents the glue from sticking to the surface.

This happens when the application becomes too HOT and the Multi-Trans backing paper sticks to the surface.

A worn drum may lead to poor toner coverage, effecting the desired color of the design.

When the message “Image drum near end of life” appears, we recommend that you observe the print quality of the respective color closely and keep a spare drum ready, just in case.

  • If you are using the standard driver of OKI, change the density of White to +3 on your printer (Menu – Calibration – Density White).
  • Make sure that you are using the Paper Setting: Transparency
  • If you are working with FOREVER TransferRIP, make sure that you change the White Fill Up to 300%

No other changes to the printer settings are necessary.

If you see a light shadow of the White Toner on your Mug, you can easily remove it with Isopropanol.

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