They say a picture is worth a thousand words. With that math, a video must be, well… worth at least a million.

Videos by Transfer Media

Laser-Dark (No-Cut) LowTemp design on a Black Tshirt - New York City tshirt design and the Hot Stamping Foil Pineapple metallic tshirt design

Laser-Dark (No-Cut) LowTemp
For Dark Garments

Cotton, Polyester, Mixed Fabric, Nylon, Silk, Leather, Denim, Paper, Book Covers, Wood, Metal and more…

Laser-Light (No-Cut)
For Light Garments

Cotton & Paper Products

Transfer paper for printing onto Hard surfaces such as Mugs, Glass, Wood and more

For Hard Surfaces

Mugs, Plates, Beer Steins, Magnetic Vinyls, Wood, Place Mats, Ceramic Tiles, Mirrors, Metal, Pens, CDs and more…

Waterslide HT
For Heat Sentitive & Uneven Material

Ceramics, Glass, Candles, Cardboard and more…

Using the FOREVER TransferRIP software will prevent your images from Cracking. Using the TransferRIP Line Raster option allows the design to move with the garment as it is being stretched, thus preventing cracks from appearing in the design.

Image Preparation Software

White Toner Control, Color Management & 1-Click Rasterization