Unlock the full potential of your White Toner Printer!

Are you feeling that your White Toner System could do a better job?
Whether you are looking for more intense colors, a softer hand, improved wash fastness or simply want to save money on your prints, the TransferRIP is the product for you.

TransferRIP is more than just rasterization – and this video will help you understand this essential software.
Learn what’s important about the White Channel Control or how to create stunning Rasterization Effects that help to achieve a Super-Soft Hand.

Throughout the video, you will be provided with advanced knowledge that can also help you to save up to 60% on your toner costs.
Check out our comprehensive video to truly harness the power of your TransferRIP software.

Video Content

Setup & Overview:
Learn How to Install, Setup, Register & Update the TransferRIP as well as a quick Step-by-Step Runthrough.

Job Management:
Learn How to Import Images & Color Profiles, Search and Combine Images to create new layouts with the Layout function.

Cost Calculation:
How to Create, Import, Export, Save Calculations, How to Calculate an image and Create PDF Calculation Reports.

Color Management:
Learn how to Remove & Replace Colors, Edit Image Colors, Preview Substrate Colors, Save Settings for future use and how to use ICC Color Profiles.

White Toner Controls:
How to Control the White Toner Amount, the White Toner Thickness, Removing White Outlines and Printing Transparencies. Save up to 35% White Toner.

Learn how best to use the Dark, Light and Micro-Mask Rasters to increase the Washability, Durability and the Softness of your designs. You can Save up to 25% additional toner costs.

Download and test the TransferRIP software for FREE!
See with your own eyes how colorful your images can be printed or use our Cost Calculator to see how much toner you can save. By using the Rasterization feature and the Color Management tools – with upto 60% savings on your overall toner costs – the TransferRIP pays for itself.

Additional Features

  • Cost Calculator
  • White Toner Controls
  • Underfilling
  • Color Controls
  • Replace Colors
  • Remove Colors
  • Background Preview
  • Transparency
  • Layout Function

More Features

  • FREE 14-Day Demo
  • FREE 6 Month Update Plan (First Purchase ONLY)
  • FREE Color Profiles Updates
  • 12 Month Update Plans
  • Multiple Computer use with USB Dongle
  • Customer Support: Online FAQs, Forum, Videos, Tutorials, Remote Access Support, Email, Phone
  • Custom ICC Profiles Use