Top 3 FAQs

Laser-Dark (No-Cut)

Always select a less stretchy fabric when working with cotton fabrics (no spandex or lycra). This helps to prevent cracking when pulling or stretching the fabric apart.

If you remove the A-Foil while still warm, it will lead to an incomplete and faulty transfer. The A-Foil should be completely cold before being removed.

Even photos or designs with a background can be transferred with Laser-Dark (No-Cut). In this case, we recommend to rasterize the design to achieve a soft touch on the fabric. With the help of our “TransferRIP“ software, you can rasterize your design with a few clicks and benefit from many other features.

A rasterized design on the fabric feels even softer than a screen print and has also extremely good wash-fastness. Since the surface is limited to the raster points, a rasterized print has much better washability than a print with larger or full-scale areas.

TransferRIP Software

No, but you can install and run Windows on your Mac using “Parallels” or “Bootcamp”.

RIP means “Raster Image Processor”. Read more about it here.

  • If you are using the standard OKI driver, change the density of White to +3 on your printer (Menu – Calibration – Density White).
  • Make sure that you are using the Paper Setting: Transparency
  • If you are working with FOREVER TransferRIP, make sure that you change the White Fill Up to 300%

No other changes to the printer settings are necessary.

If you see a light shadow of the White Toner on your Mug, you can easily remove it with Isopropanol.

Use the side or Multi-Purpose Tray when printing Transparency.