Laser-Light (No-Cut) FAQs

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If you are having problems printing the FOREVER Transfer Media with the OKI Pro8432WT printer, then your may have the old “CM Profiles” installed. To find out if your OKI Pro8432WT has the older “CM Profiles” installed, please download the PDF file and follow the step process.

Make sure that you are using the correct paper setting (Labels 1).

Otherwise the printer is not able to fix the toner correctly on the paper.

Did you print with white?

Even designs where you do not need any white, have to be printed with the white setting turned on!

If you start to peel the paper from your shirt and some toner is still on your Laser-Light (No-Cut) paper, wait 1-3 seconds before continuing with the separation.

This is caused by too high pressure. Please use 2-3 bars for transferring on the shirt and 5 bar for fixing on the shirt.

Please remember to fix the design to your shirt for 30 seconds with 5 bar, 72psi or high pressure.

Without this, you will have no washability.

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