OKI Pro6410 – NeonColor Printer

Imagine having the ability to print images inhouse free of limitations of the standard CMY colour spectrum. With OKI’s ground-breaking Pro6410 Neon Color printer you can print super bright fluorescent colours on almost anything, helping to grow your business and access new, lucrative revenue streams by offering customers.

Stunning, high quality neon color.

Combining High Definition digital LED colour printing with neon toner technology.

Prints dazzling neon colours on transfer media or coloured paper up to 250gsm.

Grow your business and access new lucrative revenue streams

A revolutionary addition to OKI’s colour printer range, the Pro6410 NeonColor for the first time allows graphic arts departments and creative businesses to print free of the limitations of the standard CMY colour spectrum. Delivering fast return-on-investment, the Pro6410 NeonColor combines High Definition LED colour printing with ground breaking neon toner technology, and interchangeable black or white toner to enable dazzling design capability from a compact reliable printer.

Vibrant colour – stunning, high quality neon colour

With a unique black or white quick-swap print cartridge feature, the Pro6410 NeonColor makes it easy to produce glowing fluorescent effects on either dark or light backgrounds.

  • Neon white toner can be used as a security mark only revealed when checked under black UV light or to provide a white background for transfer to dark substrates
  • Capable of 3D effects for eye-catching products at shows or promotions
  • ProQ2400 multi-level output quality, with 1200 x 600dpi, 600 x 600dpi print quality

A technology first – combines High Definition digital LED colour printing with neon toner technology

Building on the award winning white toner technology, the Pro6410 NeonColor’s unique level of innovation brings a new dimension to colour printing, through incredible media versatility and low set-up costs. In-house graphics departments, print houses and creative businesses gain immediate access to a wide range of cost-effective applications that previously required expensive proofing or manual printing techniques.

  • Outstanding graphics quality provided by pioneering digital LED technology
  • All-in-one consumables help reduce costs and speed up return-on-investment

Media flexibility – prints dazzling neon colours on transfer media or coloured paper up to 250gsm

The Pro6410 NeonColor unlocks incredible media versatility, with high quality, eye-catching designs. A true revenue generator, the Pro6410 NeonColor makes creative printing quick and easy for garment and product decoration, packaging and proofing, tickets, point-of-sale displays and educational materials.

  • Banners, POS barkers and window graphics command attention with neon colour
  • Prints on media up to A4, with paper weights up to 250gsm

New opportunities – grow your business and access new lucrative revenue streams

With its ease-of-use, innovative technology and capacity for super-fast return-on-investment, the Pro6410 NeonColor offers businesses low-cost access to a host of new revenue-boosting opportunities. High value printed output such as point-of-sale banners, clothing and product decoration are quickly produced, using fluorescent neon colour for maximum impact. Used in conjunction with professional design software, creative businesses will find the Pro6410 NeonColor opens new markets in sectors as varied as fashion, manufacturing and automotive.

  • Prints transfers for fluorescent neon designs on ceramic, plastic and metal, control panels and gauges, window stickers, number plates and car dealer stickers
  • Low set-up costs compared with direct-to-garment or conventional screen printing