6 Websites to remove image background

remove image background before and after

Nobody wants to buy a t-shirt that is hard and cracks after the first wash. So why are some white toner users out there still printing their heat transfer t-shirt designs with the image background. The disadvantages of printing images backgrounds with heat transfer papers are well known.

Disadvantages of printing image backgrounds:

• Hard to the touch
• Less washable
• Image Cracks
• Uses more toner
• Higher cost
• Lower profit
• Higher customer returns
• Effects business growth

The Solution

One of the best solutions to printing the best heat transfers is to invest in a RIP software. Learn all about our TransferRIP software and how you can earn so much more, by visiting the TransferRIP product page. You can even download the FREE 14-day demo version. Just to try it out.

OK, so without going into too much detail about image rasterization and controlling the amount of white toner. Basically, the first step we need to take before sending our image through the TransferRIP software, is to remove our image background. How, I hear you ask? Well, if you know how to create and prepare images for printing heat transfers, then you should know a few of the image editing programs listed below.

Image Editing Programs:

adobe photoshop website banner
affinity designer website banner
Affinity Designer
coreldraw website banner
GIMP website banner
Work Faster & more efficient

What image editing programs do, is allow you to remove the background from your images. The only problem, is that although these programs are very powerful tools to create t-shirt designs, they do take quite a bit of time to learn.

Similarly, if you are someone who knows how to use Photoshop or CorelDraw, then you will know how the process of removing an image background is. In other words, it can be a little time consuming. And, we are all aware that time equals money.

If we can help make your life easier and speed up your daily routine, then we should, theoretically, be able to help you earn more. As a results, help your business grow. That is, unless you spend the extra time reading the paper or checking your social media activity. Then, we would be talking more about improving your “life quality”.

How to Remove Image backgrounds

Now with this in mind, we went in search of a way to speed up the image background removal process. And, what we found will amaze you.

After a quick google search, where we found a long list of websites which offer an image background removal service. Some are free services and others are paid. That’s to say, we do not endorse these websites and do not earn any money by recommending them. To clarify, we are simply providing inspiration and ideas to help you come to a decision.

6 websites to remove image background:
  1. Remove bg
  2. Photo Scissors
  3. Clipping Magic
  4. Pixlr
  5. Edit Photos For Free
  6. Adobe Background Remover
remove.bg image background remove website banner
photoScissors image background remove website banner
clipping mask website banner
Clipping Mask
PIXRL image background remove website banner
editphotosforfree.com image background remove website banner
Edit Photos For Free
adobe photoshop elements image background remove website banner
Adobe Photoshop Elements

Closing Thoughts

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RIP Software

As a final note, the best solution for printing soft hand tshirts designs is by using a RIP software, such as the TransferRIP. This is because transparent backgrounds are automatically detected, so there are no issues with printing white backgrounds. You can also rasterize images very quickly, with previews available to cut down on the trial and error, when finding the perfect raster. Rasterized images are by nature softer, but they also cut down on the amount of toner used to print the image.

Printing your images with the TransferRIP software couldn’t be any easier. Not only will you save toner, create ultra-soft garments, but this software solution will eventually start earning money for your business.