Laser-Light (No-Cut)

Application onto Light Garments

4-Color Image

Overview: Application onto Cotton (4-Color Image).

Description: This video explains how to transfer your prepared 4-Color transfer media designs onto Light Colored Cotton T-Shirts.

Transfer Media: FOREVER Laser-Light (No-Cut)

Application: Cotton


NOTE: Preheat your Heat Press until the lower plate if HOT! Always keep the heat press in its closed position. This is to keep both the top and bottom plates of your press, at optimal transferring tempertures.


Heat Transfer Press Settings:

  • Cotton: 180-200°C (356-392°F) / 15 sec. / 2-3 bar (29-43.5 psi) Medium Pressure


  • Cotton: 180-200°C (356-392°F) / 30 sec. / 5 bar (72 psi) High Pressure

Note: Different CMYK printer manufacturers use different types of Toners. The settings above are only reference values. Finding out the optimal temperature and time requires some experimentation.

Application Process

Transfer Application Process: Light Garments

  1. Place your Light Garment (Cotton) on the Heat Press.
  2. Press using the Light Garment Settings.
  3. Rub the transfer with a piece of cloth for 5-10 seconds or until the paper is warm.
  4. Remove the backing paper when it is warm.
  5. For Washability, cover with Matt Finish Economy & fix using the Laser-Light (No-Cut) Settings.

Transfer Application Process: Paper & Cardboard

  1. Place the transfer onto a piece of Paper or Card.
  2. Press using the Laser-Light (No-Cut) transfer settings.
  3. Separate the paper after 5-10 seconds.
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