8 Ways to Create T-Shirt Designs

In this video you will learn the top 8 ways to create t-shirt designs. Start your own t-shirt business or take your business to the next level by creating stunning t-shirt designs. T-shirt designs that customers cannot resist. Get inspired and become a pro t-shirt designer in minutes.

A t-shirt is a versatile piece of clothing that can be matched with a wide variety of accessories. More than being a fashion favourite, custom t-shirts can express a statement and promote brand identity. It provides an outlet for anyone to craft the best designs that will please crowds and catapult any brand to fame.

T-Shirt designing can be both a fun and an enjoyable process, one that we can all get involved in. That’s right, we all have that creative spark inside us. And with a little know-how, you too can start creating your very own t-shirt designs.

How? Well, that’s where our 8 Ways to create t-shirt designs video comes into play. Watch the video and take advantage of the content and start creating your very own, sellable t-shirt designs.


Anyone can create t-shirt designs, that’s the great thing about t-shirts. They’re empty canvases for our imagination to go wild. You can create anything you want. And with our white toner transfer media, you can make your designs as complex as you like. This is because the process of creating your transfers, does not require you to cut and weed the image.

Our No-Cut transfer solutions are by name and by nature No-Cut. In 2 minutes or less, your designs are ready to be transferred to the garment. No cutting and no weeding. Simply print, press, peel and your no-cut transfers are ready.

Not only do our No-Cut solutions provide you with the freedom to create any complex designs, but you will save many wasted hours, as well as money from the process. Our No-Cut solutions are simply time savers when compared to other printing systems.


T-Shirt designers all over the world are on a constant search for inspiration. Searching for their next collection of t-shirt designs. This is only one part, possibly a big part, but still one part of the t-shirt designing process. The next part is creating the designs. And with this in mind, make sure you look at our other tutorials, where you can find inspirational tips and tricks on how to create amazing t-shirt designs that sell.

Once you’ve collected your inspiration and have your idea at hand – how can you take these ideas and make them come to life? In an attractive, appealing way that customers will be scrambling to get their hands on it. Well, this is where our “8 Ways to create t-shirt designs” video comes into play.


We understand that a lot of t-shirt designers and white toner users have many ideas. But problems arise when it is time to create the designs. Making your designs look amazing and eye catching is the most difficult part.

For most, the t-shirt designing process is difficult or a waste of time, as results never seem to match your imagination. A lack of tools or know-how can make the whole process stressful, especially when you have a business to run.

So, lets ease up some of these pain points and jump into the 8 ways to create t-shirt designs:

  1. Portrait Mode
  2. Adobe Spark
  3. Photocollage
  4. Split Fonts
  5. Customized Fonts
  6. Lines & Shapes
  7. Draw & Scan
  8. Handmade Fonts

We have provided you with only a few of the many possibilities available to help you convert your ideas and inspiration into sellable t-shirt designs.


Of course, you may have noticed that some of the t-shirt designs, that appear in this video, include white elements in the design. This is because we are working together with the OKI White Toner laser printers. And, just in case you may not be aware, these printers allow you to print the white parts of your designs.

This is a great advantage when choosing our white toner system over another. Your designs will simply pop out of your dark garments. While printing white designs or the white elements of your designs will help your stand out from the crowded t-shirt industry – there is some caution which you will need to take. You need to be careful with how your white toner designs are created.

If you create a design which appears on a white background and you then print this image with one of the white toner printers, then you will print the background. And this will create hard and stiff designs when they are pressed to the t-shirt. As well as cost you a tonne of extra toner and intern costs. This is something all business owners should be aware of. The downside to ignoring this, will only cost your business unnecessary losses.

We have several tutorials on the support sections of our website. And many more in the works. Please be sure to take a look, as there could be that one tutorial which changes your whole outlook or business goals. Learn more about how to remove the white background from your designs.

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When you combine your t-shirt designs with the many other white toner solutions we have, you will open up a world of opportunities. Helping your business to grow. You can expand your product range by printing on more than just t-shirts. With the right transfer paper, you can apply or transfer your designs to mugs, wooden signs, metal awards, caps, shoes, socks and whatever else you can think of. If it sticks, it’s a seller. Obviously, each product has its own transfer settings and the washability varies depending on the applied product and the application process.

Learn more about our white toner transfer solutions and more importantly which product does what, by taking a look at our products page.

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For more information on the different ways you can create t-shirt designs for white toner printers, please take a look at our other tutorials. Our tutorials are primarily focused on how to make your life easier, so you can create designs for heat transfer papers and the OKI white toner laser printers.

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