Do you want to print bigger images without spending more on a larger sized printer? With FOREVER you can take small White Toner printers to a whole new level. Start offering larger designs in your business today!

Print Bigger with FOREVER

Print bigger images with the FOREVER only DIN A4XL paper sizes (8.5″ x 17″). That’s right, only FOREVER offers this larger paper size, so that you don’t have to spend more on a larger sized printer. The DIN A4XL (8,5″ x 17″) sheet is 55% bigger than the standard DIN A4 (8,5″ x 11″) sheet – that’s big enough for most medium to large sized garments.

If DIN A4XL (8.5″ x 17″) still isn’t big enough for you, then you can use the IC-Split software to create even bigger designs – from DIN A3 (11″ x 17″) and up! There is no limit on the size. With FOREVER you get more out of small printer like the OKI C711WT, 7411WT, Pro7411WT and other White Toner Printers.

Print Better colours while saving toner with the TransferRIP software.

IC-Split Software
Turning DIN A4/letter Size Printers into Large Format Printers!

The IC-Split software scales your DIN A4 (8,5″ x 11″) sized images across 2 or more sheets and exports the printable files, so you can print larger designs. Start printing DIN A3 (11″ x 17″) or bigger without investing in a larger printer.

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TransferRIP Software
Unlock the full potential of your White Toner Printer!

Whether you are looking for more intense colors, a softer hand, improved wash fastness or simply want to save money on your prints, the TransferRIP is the product for you.

DISCONTINUED (05/02/24) – Similar RIP softwares are available as a replacement