Do you want to print bigger images without spending more on a larger sized printer? With FOREVER you can take small White Toner printers to a whole new level. Start offering larger designs in your business today!

Print Bigger with FOREVER

Print bigger images with the FOREVER only DIN A4XL paper sizes (8.5″ x 17″). That’s right, only FOREVER offers this larger paper size, so that you don’t have to spend more on a larger sized printer. The DIN A4XL (8,5″ x 17″) sheet is 55% bigger than the standard DIN A4 (8,5″ x 11″) sheet – that’s big enough for most medium to large sized garments.

If DIN A4XL (8.5″ x 17″) still isn’t big enough for you, then you can use the IC-Split software to create even bigger designs – from DIN A3 (11″ x 17″) and up! There is no limit on the size. With FOREVER you get more out of small printer like the OKI C711WT, 7411WT, Pro7411WT and other White Toner Printers.

IC-Split Software
Turning DIN A4/letter Size Printers into Large Format Printers!

The IC-Split software scales your DIN A4 (8,5″ x 11″) sized images across 2 or more sheets and exports the printable files, so you can print larger designs. Start printing DIN A3 (11″ x 17″) or bigger without investing in a larger printer.

Download the Demo

TransferRIP Software
Unlock the full potential of your White Toner Printer!

Whether you are looking for more intense colors, a softer hand, improved wash fastness or simply want to save money on your prints, the TransferRIP is the product for you.

Download the Demo

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