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    Which settings do you use when printing? Do you use the FOREVER TransferRIP software?


    Are you also using our FOREVER TransferRIP software? and if yes, which settings are you using?
    Which settings are you using for the application process?
    To help you faster, it would be better to send me some pictures or videos to my email-address


    I just started testing with laser light paper. We use the OKI pro8432wt and FOREVER TRANSFER RIP. I managed to get the correct transfer to 100% cotton with the press settings: “strong pressure”, temperature 190 C, time 40 seconds. Before removing the transfer paper, I rubbed with a towel for about 20 seconds. Unfortunately, the results are not repeatable. Often, some toner remains on the transfer paper, especially fine parts created by RIP.
    I suspect that the correct temperature at which to peel off the transfer paper is important. “Rub for 5 – 10 seconds” tips are not accurate enough. As you work, the lower part of the press gets hotter, the cooling time also depends on the size of the print and the thickness of the cotton. Room temperature is not constant too.
    Do you have any tips at what specific temperature We should carry out the process of separating transfer paper from cotton? This can be easily measured with a non-contact thermometer. What are the best RIP settings for this paper, white toner coverage, raster settings? Knowing the answers to these questions, there would be practically only one variable to regulate – the pressure of the press. Without 100% repeatability, or 95% repeatability, this product can only guarantee customers a “unique vintage used look”.


    Hello Fuji-Media,

    Are you using in the TransferRIP “Label 1”, with 150% white spot. Press it, like in the printing instrucion with about 180°C with 2-3 bar for 15 seconds. Wait for about 5 seconds (rub in the meantime over the paper), try to peel it, but if you can see, that it’s not working, then wait for 5 seconds and rub again. Now it should work.

    The raster settings are depending on your design and what you want to create.

    If you need further help, you can send me directly an email HERE
    You can also conact us on our mail.

    Kind Regards


    I did new tests today. (This quarantine gives time for research and development 🙂 )
    I checked the proposed parameters 180 C / 15 s / average pressure then 10 s rubbing … OK. it is possible to get a transfer, but not every time and the small elements of the raster usually do not transfer well and often do not stick well to cotton. So I did more tests, these are my conclusions:
    1 / The toner from the printer enters the chemical reaction at high temperature to form an adhesive gel. The higher the temperature, the more this gel is liquid and easy to apply to cotton. 180 C is the minimum, but 190 C or 200 C gives better cotton penetration.
    2 / After opening the press, the gel begins to cool and the polymerization of this compound begins. My measurements show that polymerization begins below 120 C.
    3 / After polymerization, a subsidence is formed which solidifies to the consistency of a plastomer (synthetic rubber). This happens at a temperature below 70 C.
    4 / Reheating the resulting plastomer only causes its softening, but does not break polymer particles, so there is practically no way to press this substance more strongly into cotton.
    For my engineering mind, I need to heat it in to cotton under high pressure, preferably at a temperature of 190 – 200 C. Then cool evenly below 120 C, but not lower than 70 C and then remove the transfer paper. Repressing at 180-200 C for 30 s does not add much to the force with which the plastomer clings to cotton but affects the appearance of the transfer surface.
    My optimal parameters are:
    1 / Transfer 190 C / 30 s.
    2 / Cooling on the bottom plate of the transfer press with rubbing to the temperature of 90 C. When the pyrometer in the middle of the transfer shows me the correct temperature, I peel off the transfer paper with a smooth movement. 100% success and repeatability!
    3 / Repressing 180 C / 30 s for a more matt surface and peace of mind :). Baking paper from ROSSMANN works best 🙂
    I wish everyone health in these hard times. I hope that we will return to earning money soon;).


    Hi Fuji-Media,
    I’m glad you found your own personal way of applying our FOREVER Laser-Light (No-Cut).
    If you have further problems just contact us 🙂


    Im using this paper for years and can honestly say its aged me terribly. Awful product. Never works out properly without wasting a few tshirts to get the transfers right. Even then…

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