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    it’s looks like I’m back to square one with this laser light paper. I thought it may be the old heat press i was using by that’s not the case. I cannot get the design to leave the backing in the form of a usable transfer. I’ve wasted 18 sheets of a 100 pack with one usable transfer out of 18. that’s not a good record! I’ve even bought a new heat press received it today and I’ve wasted 10 sheet ( cut in half) so 20 attempts alone since I received it 3 hours ago. I’m now using a HPN signature series 15×15 auto open and retractable drawer and the transfers are horrible, no better than my swing away press.
    this is how I started:
    356 degrees F
    preheated the fabric 5 seconds, I’ve even preheated the lower platen to the point you can’t even touch it before pressing, so I’ve tried it cool thru hot.
    I pressed for 30 seconds at heavy pressure, even so much that the adjustment on the pressure would not lower anymore.
    open pressed and rubbed the design for about 8-10 seconds with a cloth. peeled immediately and then also tried again waiting 10 seconds after rubbing with a cloth.
    upon peeling the imaged stayed fully attached to the backing.
    tried several times.

    raised the temperature to 365 degrees F did the same process for 30, 45 seconds and even 60 seconds and the image didn’t budge.
    to get the image to transfer at all I had to press at full pressure for 100 seconds, rubbed the design for 10 seconds and peel while still laying on the lower platen. even at this temp the image still didn’t transfer completely leaving blotches on the backing and still an unusable transfer. at this temperature to get the design to transfer it leaves my fabric brown from the heat scorching it, so I know this isn’t right. I’ve tried using a Teflon sheet over the design and tried just the top platen to the bare backing of the paper and i’m not having any luck. can this be a bad batch of paper?
    I’ve pressed at medium -heavy pressure from 30 seconds all the way up to 100 seconds. I’ve wasted a lot of money on paper I cannot use.

    the laser dark works awesome,
    regular inkjet paper (jet brand light and dark) works well also.

    any advice would greatly be appreciated.

    thank you,


    Hi @garybenningfield,

    We have never experienced this kind of problem before. Which type of garment are you using?


    Hello, thanks for following up. I’m using Fruit of the Loom and Gildan cotton T shirts and I’ve also tried pillow case and bed sheet material just to try something thinner and it’s the same results. I’ve taken pictures and would gladly send them to you if you would like. I do not have any problem at all with the forever laser dark or other brands not related to Forever, it’s just the forever laser light. I just tried 3 more attempts, and to get the image to transfer even halfway the temp has to be cranked way up to about 385 and the time set to at least 80 -100 seconds without the protective sheet, and again the white T shirts turn brown from the heat and part of the design is left sticking to the carrier, so I know this isn’t right Honestly, I don’t want to come off as sounding like a rant but it’s frustrating and that’s a lot of money to waste on paper when I’ve followed the printed instructions to the T and even followed youtube videos and their methods and still don’t get results. I even bought a new heat press that I didn’t need. I have no idea what I can be doing wrong? I guess I will chalk this up as a lesson learned and will be trashing the rest of this paper and turn my attention to other methods..
    Thank you very much for your time and have a great day!


    I’m having the same problem and have for now abandoned the Laser Light transfers and am using the Low-Temp Dark which is costing me a lot more.

    I got this batch at around the same time of the OP posting, so could it be a bad batch? Will Forever exchange for a new batch to try?

    Any suggestions on how to make it work?




    Dear Users,

    Laser-Light should work without any problems. We have no faulty batch out there. So I guess it is only a handling problem.
    If you still need some support, please let me know by answering to this post. I am sure that we will find a good solution.



    my expérience with laser paper forever light is very bad, i tried so many ways and waste so many paper and t-shirt.
    I played with the time , the pressure, the temperature, the peel off and at least i got only shit and waste money and time, and when i almost get a correct result (not a full succes) and i repeat on same way the process, the result is hugly, i mean the resutl is not regular, how can i do a business with that ???? , i can’t understand how they manage to do it in the many videos we can find on the net.


    Dear rudyji,

    can you give me some more details about how you are printing and pressing the paper?
    It would be good if you can also send me a picture of your heat press or maybe you can upload a video.This is the best way for us to identify the problem and solve it.



    like i say before, i process with different temperature and pressure and time. to peel of , i processed like in the video and from instructions on notice which provided with the transfert;
    i preheat the down plate for 40 seconds, i press at 195° c for 30 s with hight pressure, i wipe the paper for 5 to 10 seconds and peel of on the plate of plate smoothy and gently, on part of design stay on the paper, i re press for 30 seconds with silicon paper and after that i can easily remove the toner from the t shirt when i scratch it with my nail, like the toner doesn”t stick correctly to the fabric, i use t shirt B and C 100% coton but i also tried with others t shirt like fruit on the loom , roly, sol’s and it’s the same story.



    I print with oki es 7411 wt, i use transfert rip, fillup spot up to 250% white coverage , multiple 1, i set micro mask, mask 25.
    I found that the clear colors ( yellow, clear cyan, light pink…) transfert better on the fabric when i fill up spot up to 250 % whithe coverage (in transfert rip), otherwise this light colors don’t transfert at all .


    my heat press is a secabo clam 5 bought new one week ago.


    i send photos to your mail :


    I have the same problems as gary, contacted Conde systems with no real help from their tech support until one of the techs asked if I was using th forever rip, I said yes, he said to use label 1, white spot on 150% press 10 seconds, then wait 5-10 seconds and peel. That worked fairly well however tp print 35 shirts, I used 97 sheets of paper, don’t think I’ll used that product again…..Don


    I am Also have problems I find full saturated colours adhere fine, but lighter colours do not at all, is the batch of paper faulty?

    Alfonso Messina

    Hello PRG

    Which printer and software are you using?

    FOREVER Tech Support


    Hello Alfonso,

    We are using the OKI pro8432wt

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