Hello, thanks for following up. I’m using Fruit of the Loom and Gildan cotton T shirts and I’ve also tried pillow case and bed sheet material just to try something thinner and it’s the same results. I’ve taken pictures and would gladly send them to you if you would like. I do not have any problem at all with the forever laser dark or other brands not related to Forever, it’s just the forever laser light. I just tried 3 more attempts, and to get the image to transfer even halfway the temp has to be cranked way up to about 385 and the time set to at least 80 -100 seconds without the protective sheet, and again the white T shirts turn brown from the heat and part of the design is left sticking to the carrier, so I know this isn’t right Honestly, I don’t want to come off as sounding like a rant but it’s frustrating and that’s a lot of money to waste on paper when I’ve followed the printed instructions to the T and even followed youtube videos and their methods and still don’t get results. I even bought a new heat press that I didn’t need. I have no idea what I can be doing wrong? I guess I will chalk this up as a lesson learned and will be trashing the rest of this paper and turn my attention to other methods..
Thank you very much for your time and have a great day!