I just started testing with laser light paper. We use the OKI pro8432wt and FOREVER TRANSFER RIP. I managed to get the correct transfer to 100% cotton with the press settings: “strong pressure”, temperature 190 C, time 40 seconds. Before removing the transfer paper, I rubbed with a towel for about 20 seconds. Unfortunately, the results are not repeatable. Often, some toner remains on the transfer paper, especially fine parts created by RIP.
I suspect that the correct temperature at which to peel off the transfer paper is important. “Rub for 5 – 10 seconds” tips are not accurate enough. As you work, the lower part of the press gets hotter, the cooling time also depends on the size of the print and the thickness of the cotton. Room temperature is not constant too.
Do you have any tips at what specific temperature We should carry out the process of separating transfer paper from cotton? This can be easily measured with a non-contact thermometer. What are the best RIP settings for this paper, white toner coverage, raster settings? Knowing the answers to these questions, there would be practically only one variable to regulate – the pressure of the press. Without 100% repeatability, or 95% repeatability, this product can only guarantee customers a “unique vintage used look”.