Hi, i have tried editing the printer to -3 as the instructions said on the paper type, i also tried this with it set to default zero, i have tried changing the coverage all the way up too 200% and left the spot by factor of one. all different tests not on the same page and had no results there. i then tried all the different screenings, my media type is set to transparency,. I had no issues with printing in photoshop using the ghost white so i can eliminate the paper or so i hope, ive tried different pressures, heat and times. and still not getting the right result so slightly at a loss. Ive also contacted the company i purchased it off who said to add a few sheets of paper on the top of the b paper when pressing and still no luck there. I am preheating the bottom of the press as well and ive tried it on both a swing press and clam press, so any suggestions welcome