FOREVER TransferRIP optimizes images in preparation
for the digital heat transfer process

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Safe up to 60% toner and get the best colors out of your OKI printer

-New Features-


The Calculation feature enables a precise calculation of job-related consumption of ink before printing.

  • Accurate Calculation of costs
  • Easy to use
  • Customer specific documentation
  • Detailed Report
  • Export costs to PDF


The Layout feature allows you to add multiple files to a single printable sheet, as well as image Scaling & Rotating.

  • Rotate images
  • Scale images
  • Multiple images on one page
  • Customer specific jobs
  • Custom page sizes
Faster Printing

The new colors profiles now process your job faster than the previous version – saving you valuable time and money.

Improved Colors

The all new and improved color profiles have been finely tuned to produce better colors all round.

Better Black

Not only have the over all colors been improved, but it is now possible to print a better, more true Black.

Substrate Preview

You can now see how your image will look on various substrate colors.


The underfilling feature removes that annoying white line around your images.


    Extremely High Washability

    Rasterized designs can be washed better than full scale designs, because the mechanical abrasion of the printed image is minimal in comparison.

    Excellent results were especially achieved with polyester fabrics that were washed more than 40 times at 40°C without losing image quality.


    • Raster with 1-Click
    • Soft Touch
    • Less Toner Consumption
    • Unique Look
    • Extremely High Washability

    White Toner Control – Save up to 40% on Costs

    Vibrant colors look better on dark materials.

    The White Toner Controls enable users to transfer in breathtaking full color plus white. Offering designers, graphics studios, point-of-sale manufacturers and a range of other graphics based businesses a new flexibility in their printing, proofing and dark substrate transferring.

    Achieving vibrant color transfers is an advantage to any graphics business.

    With the White Toner Controls, it is also possible to save money, by reducing the amount of White Toner being printed.


    • Better color reproduction
    • Save on White Toner
    • Save up to 40% on overall Toner costs

        Color Management Controls

        Create dynamic images by removing colors or change them entirely.

        With the Selective Color Correction and FOREVER Transfer Media defined Color Profiles, the user receives Optimal Color Reproduction.

        Additionally, users have multiple settings such as Brightness, Contrast, Saturation and Selective Color Correction to adjust images manually.


        • Best possible color reproduction
        • Save Toner
        • No mistakes!
        • Even softer touch by optimized Toner use
        • Save up to 40% on overall Toner costs