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    Hi admin,
    I’m always having problem with only white part not transfer successful. I’m using oki pro7411wt, printer setting 1200x600dpi print, 0/+1/-3 density white. Cover with 5pcs of copier paper 305 with medium press. No problem found in color with white background. I’m wasting slot of toner and paper still cannot get good result. My paper lot number 180202-4. Please help me. Thanks.


    Good Afternoon Yamazaki,

    Please provide us with any images or a small video of you problem. Images and videos help us provide you with the exact solution for the issue which you are having.

    Best Regards
    Daniel – FOREVER Support Team


    Hi admin, please take a look from the link Image 1 Image 2 . Do i need to turn off auto density from my printer? I had tried alot of method , do alot of research from tshirt forum but still cannot get success. Thanks


    Hi Yamazaki,

    Could you provide the following information:
    – How long are you pressing for?
    – Which heat press brand are you using?
    – Why are you using 5 sheets of copier paper?
    – What is the transfer belt usage percentage?
    – Are you using official OKI Data Toner?

    Daniel – FOREVER Support Team


    Hi admin, thanks for reply.
    1: 90-100sec press time
    2: non branded brand ( I printed forever dark low temp using this machine before with Ricoh c7100)
    3: I do research from T-shirt forum and found a lot peoples success with 5 copier of normal paper ( I success before only recently happen)
    4: I bought new oki pro7411wt just arrive few days before.
    5: Yes

    Before that I’m using Ricoh c7100 5 colours printer with forever dark no cut too, very good result no problem found but now my oki and my ricoh white toner part are not transfer in good condition. I really dunno why. Tested on both printer.


    Problem solved. One more question, do I need to turn off auto density from printer?


    Dear Yamazaki,

    can you please tell us how you have solved the problem?
    No, please do not turn the Auto Denstiy OFF. It is important to have it on in case of that you are working with Multi-Trans, where we recommend to use a white density of +3.
    If you turn it off, you always have to set the density manually.



    Hi admin, below is my solution
    4 pieces of normal copier paper
    Very high pressure
    White density 0
    Peel smoothly

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