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    I’ve read many recommendations (some even from your own reps) advising that, for the best washability and feel we should rasterize/rip our image. I’m a hobbyist and also print for smaller charity events so an oki printer and transferrip software is out of the question, but I would love to use your products if I can figure this out (I bought the laser printer and ghost toner just for this product). I have followed many videos on youtube as well as your own pdf for rasterizing an image via bitmapping in photoshop. The issue is that this assumes I’m printing on a black shirt. I’ve also tried just putting a color screen over the rasterized layer but it comes out WAY too light.

    Can you give me and others some guidance on how to rasterize a full color image for print on ANY color shirt? The process that would be akin to the “light media raster” setting on your software.

    Thanks so much!

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