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    I’m looking into buying Multi – Trans paper to place images on wood and anodized aluminum. The question I have is since
    I have forever trans rip software for my Oki printer what settings do I use. I only use this printer for shirts currently and really don’t want to mess with the settings too much.
    I noticed in another post that someone had trouble removing the paper from the woo after pressing. has that problem been resolved. I’m printing on coasters and the wood is only 100 mm in diameter, so there isn’t too much room to work with.


    Dear rebs,

    it is not possible to say in general that it will work fine with the wood you are using. there are millions of different types with different coatings.
    Usually Multi-Trans is working fine with the most sorts of wood.
    If you are using TransferRIP, you need a version which is not older than 1 year with the newest profiles. One important thing is to increase the white filling up to 300-400% to make sure that the surface is not coming through.


    Is it also possible to use acetate print in black and white to be use instead of printing directly to the wood? Looking to have it done it at then use for the same kind for Multi-trans.


    Dear vinceandrew,

    this is system is not known here. We cannot give you any information about this. But maybe some other members here are able to help you.


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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