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    We are using an Oki PRO8432WT with trial of Transfer RIP Software. We are having issues with the white foil actually adhering to the shirt. It seems to stem from the process of the A to B foil transfer, when I look closely I can see remaining adhesive from the B sheet that was not transferred. We tried lighter pressure and heavier definitely worked better. Lower / Higher heat didn’t seem to help either.

    Our most successful attempt was using these settings:
    A-foil / B-sheet – temp 310degrees and 4 bar pressure for 120seconds.
    To apply to the shirt we used same temperature, with slightly higher pressure for 30seconds.

    image of final shirt –
    close up image of 5 –
    image of transfer –
    close up image of transfer –

    Hoping you help narrow down what we are doing wrong?


    Dear tyler1324,

    thank you for the images.
    Why don’t you use the transparent A-Foil of Laser-Dark (No-Cut) for white transfers?
    With which color are you printing? If you are printing with white on the white A-Foil, make sure that the density of white is on +3.
    If you still have problems, please print the design also with black, as recommend for normal CMYK printers.
    And yes, increase the pressure for trnasferring B to A and use the maximum pressure for transferring onto the shirt.
    When removing the A-Foil from the shirt, do that as flat as possible. Roll the foil from the shirt instead of peeling it.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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