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    Hi all, I am using an oki c711wt printer and when printing onto the transparent sheet and attempting to marry the A to B, ALL of the ink and design sticks to the B sheet and leaves an imprint on the transparent sheet with no ink left at all. I am setting the press to 320f for 90 seconds as per my instructions and yet it fails every time. What am I doing wrong?

    Kind regards,



    Hello Jamie,

    There can be multiple reasons for this…
    1. the B-paper was peeled too cold, meaning the glue ripped the toner off the A-foil
    –> to avoid this issue make sure to peel the B-paper while it’s still warm/hot and make sure you don’t lift the A-Foil up or remove it from the heat press.
    2. the the papers were placed in the wrong order, thus the pressure is not distributed the “right-way”.and instead of the glue getting applied on the toner the toner gets applied onto the glue
    –> to avoid this always place the B-paper on top of the A-Foil and not the other way around.
    3. the pressure of the heat press is set too high and thus the glues “sticks” too much
    –> make sure your pressure is only set to medium pressure (=2-3 bar = 30-43 psi)

    hope this helps!


    Hello! I am having the same issue with the A foil stinking to the B paper. I tried 320 degrees for 90 seconds and peeled while still hot and i get the sale results on about 15 sheets. I am using a Super Deal PRO 5 in 1 Heat Press but i am not sure if my heat presses pressure is correct. I know the instructions is saying to use light to medium pressure but, how can i tell if i am using the right pressure for the Forever paper? It’s frustrating lol!


    Hello mmmartin,

    Do you follow all the steps written by Mr Messina?
    Try to press with a pressure, so you can just close the press with a bit of resistance. If this will not work, just write me an email ( with a video, which contains your press process, so I can have a look.

    Kind Regards
    Steven Leiß

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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