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    Hi there,

    I am getting improper ink coverage on the black flex soft material. Oki C711WT White Toner, using TransferRIP.

    My understanding is I print black on these sheets, however I am getting this “gradient” of sorts that goes from deep black to a blueish/greenish colour. This of course leads to improper transfer for the parts that aren’t solid black.

    The side of the paper that feeds into the printer first seem to print a very nice deep black and transfers well, but then it gradually tapers off into a green/blue colour by the time it reaches the end of the sheet. The printer is brand new, all toner levels are over 75%.

    I have attempted multiple settings within TransferRIP including, turning off the white toner completely. Setting LPI to 100 – 250 (for CMY). Changing from Use Screening from Printer, Use Screening as Configured. No matter what I do, I get the exact same results and it wastes at least 35% of the sheet due to improper transfer. I have ensured that the PDF file is using correct colours, etc.

    Some advice would be great, thank you.


    Dear adamcarney83,

    this is a static issue. You have four options.
    1. If possible, use another printer.
    2. Put 20 sheets of normal copy paper underneath the Flex-Soft foil to avoid static electric loading when pulling the paper inside the printer.
    3. Print from the normal printer driver (not through the TransferRIP)
    4. Print your design with the media setting “Labels 1” on the B-Paper in non-mirror mode. Then use an empty foil and put them in the heat press like you would do if you print on the foil. All settings are the same in this case. Nothing is changing except of the printed media and the mirror mode.
    NOTE: This is a risky procedure. In worst case the B-Paper can jam in the fuser unit and you have to replace it. But we have tried it here with the ES7411WT without any problems.

    Hope one of my tips will lead to a succesful result.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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