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    Serious Problem: During removal of silicone sheet the toner sticks to silicone and is removed from shirt. I wonder if pressure is too high or other possible causes?

    Using Laser Light transfer paper.
    Using CW711Wt printer.
    Using Paper Type setting of “Label 1″
    Using GeoKnight 16” swing-away press with cushioned lower platen i.e. not bare metal.
    Using 100% cotton or 90%/10% cotton poly blend such as example Gildan Sport Grey shirt.

    First press: 375 F degree, medium-high pressure for 15-20 seconds, rub back of transfer for 10 seconds, peel slowly while hot. Transfer looks mostly good. Shirt may be still partly warm when we do second press (Re-press).

    Second press (Re-Press): 375 F high pressure for 35 seconds, remove silicone immediately, while hot. Toner is removed from the shirt in some areas and remains on the silicone. The resulting printed image is damaged. The transfer materials, toner, labor, and the printable item are now a full waste.

    We do see “background” surrounding image like a halo. When we try to reduce pressure in the past we did not get full toner transfer, so did not reach a good solution for it. Now today we have noticed that this background appears more heavy on one side of image and less on the opposite side of image.


    Dear ForeverCustomer,

    regarding the silicone paper, I would recommend to remove the paper after the shirt cooled down. Seems like that the silicone paper is not suitable with our papers for removing while it is still hot.
    If you can see a background on one side of the image, I would guess that the pressure of the heat press is not even.
    Try two times the same design, one turned 180° to see if the heat press is causing this.

    Let me know if you need further help. You can also contact us via


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