In my above post I made mistake when calculating 40*50 plate area. Bellow is data based on corrected calculations.

Insta 728 press has piston area 324 sqcm, so actual pressure on 40*50 cm platen will be 6,17 times lower then system pressure set by operator (2000/324=6,17 where 2000=40*50 platen area), It means that to create 1 bar pressure on platen, operator needs to set 6,17 bar system pressure.

So, what in Forever manuals specified as “medium system pressure 2-3 bar, actually are 0,32 – 0,48 bar platen pressure, “high system pressure” 5 bar corresponds to 0,81 bar platen pressure.

When doing Forever Laser Dark-no cut, Flock finishing, or Classic + Universal transfer
operator is instructed to set 5 bar system pressure. Corresponding pressure on material in that case will be 0,81 bar.

Such big pressure can not be created on common pneumatic 40*50 press like Sefa Rotex Air X (max 0,38 bar), Sefa Rotex Air Pro (max 0,43 bar), or other desk top press I know, except Insta 700 series.

So, what is mentioned in manuals as “high pressure”, can be realized only on exclusive Insta presses, common pneumatic heat press can create only “low-medium pressure” which may be not enough to get proper transfer quality.